The role of the main stream media in Germany as the 4th power of state, was recently aided by the 5th(?), namely the bloggers, as the German president resigned after some questionable statements in an interview.

In the interview, aired on May 22, Koehler appeared to imply that military operations like in Afghanistan were, in part, commercially motivated and necessary to protect Germany’s economic interests.

“[A] country of our size with its … export dependency should also know that, if in doubt, in an emergency, a military engagement is also necessary to defend our interests, for example free trade routes,” he told Deutschlandfunk.

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The story was largely ignored by the mainstream media, but a number of bloggers started debating the story, including Jonas Schaible of, which only hit the mainstream media after Schaible wrote a piece for Der Spiegel online. This was over a week after the interview first aired.